Umdloti Coastal Conservancy

The Umdloti Coastal Conservancy was formed about 20 years ago by the late Bill Morton, a renowned ornithologist who lived in Umdloti. Members operate on a voluntary basis with and within the Umdloti Ratepayers Association and Keep Umdloti Beautiful (KUB) and the Conservancy enjoy a close relationship with the eThekwini Municipality. Wade Holland is the current chairman.


The ethos of Umdloti Coastal Conservancy promotes sustainable development within an environment of nature conservation and a protection of the status quo.  The Conservancy is working on a number of projects at the moment and you may click on the following links to review their progress:


Dube Trade Port also known as King Shaka Airport or La Mercy Airport

The Sibaya Precinct

Umdloti Lagoon Valley

Lifesavers Complex

Tidal Pool Project

Pedestrian Walkway from M4








PRESENT:              BRIAN CHAPPLE - Assist Beach Superintendent

                             WADE HOLLAND

                             LYNNE TEMLETT




1.       The purpose of the meeting was to do an inspection of the Lifesavers Complex with regard to the cleanliness of the complex.  Unfortunately there was no change.  Although there is a cleaning lady employed by the Council to clean on a daily basis it was felt that the cleaning was purely watering the steps and the toilet flooring.  No other visible cleaning takes place.  As cleanliness is imperative at this complex it was suggested that perhaps we could get a cleaning service to do the job properly.


2.       As Mr Khosa has been extremely busy Wade requested Brian to obtain the information with regard to the drawings, reports, quotes and budget for the repair of the Complex.  Brian agreed to do this.  As soon as Wade has this he will be able to give his suggestions too.


3.       It was also felt that we should raise support for the Lifesavers in general. Wade will get Brian to do a presentation with him at the Coastal Working Group.



Minutes of the informal gathering of interested parties held at the Blue Mango on Wednesday the 23 August 2006.


All present introduced themselves and were welcomed to the meeting.


Hylton Cresswell, Cascades,

Pat White, Aqua Marina,

M. Govender, Aqua Marina,

Ted Vickers, Alien Man,

Mel Sammons, Primates Africa,

John Wilson, Cascades,

Andrew Davidson, Parks Dept,

Emma Robb, Sorgente,

Wade Holland, Coast Watch,

Maureen Lesser, Sorgente

Derek Dillon, Camarque,

Lindsey Boxshall

Megan Boxshall           

Kathryn Kuhl,

Judy Khoury, Surfside,




A proposal was put forward that the Body Corporates would each pay a levy of R 10.00 per unit per month. This fund will be controlled by the rate payers association. It was suggested that those body corporates that wish to participate in this fund, should collect the levies and keep it in a separate account until the fund became official. The money generated by this fund will then be utilized to improve the security in the area. As well as keeping the beach clean, on an ongoing basis. It was felt that a formal plan be presented to the various body corporates in the area. This was agreed.



It was explained that when alien vegetation is to be irradicated it is best to kill the plant but not to remove the root system. This helps to maintain the soil and also gives the new growth a chance to establish itself. It was further explained that the Pereskia

infestation is controlled by chopping the branches into convenient sizes, and burning them in a controlled fashion, subject to the necessary approval.


As far as the cost of an ongoing maintenance plan to control the alien vegetation is concerned, Mr. Vickers explained that it was easier to take what funds were available or affordable, and then allocate a corresponding number of days per month to maintain the area.


Mr. Vickers was asked to submit a quotation for the cleaning up of the area. The area concerned being the area adjacent to the tidal pool. All the units and houses in the area will then be requested to share the cost. The thinking being that this will then grow from the tidal pool area to other areas.


It was also agreed that fruit bearing trees will be planted where alien vegetation has been removed.



The meeting was informed that a check had been done, and two snares had been found in the area. Mr. Vickers advised that during the cleaning of the alien vegetation, snares would be removed at the same time.


It was explained that the monkey’s need to move around their territories. Tree corridors should be left for the monkey’s to move through, then they would not go over the buildings. A suggestion for the planting of seeding grasses was made. Mr Andrew Davidson from the Parks Dept offered help in this regard. His contact number is 566 3712.


It was suggested that feeding stations be started especially in the winter. Not that this would stop the monkeys from going into the homes, but it would stabilize their numbers. It was noted that by feeding the monkey’s you do not actually encourage their breeding. Their numbers are regulated by the number of trees that they have to roost in.


There are four troops in the area. It was requested that members assist by monitoring that troop that is in your immediate vicinity, and keeping records of their movements etc. Mel from Primates Africa will supply monkey monitoring forms, which will be followed up by them.



The management of the Blue Mango were thanked for making their facilities available, as well as for the sponsorship of a free cup of coffee per delegate.


Thank You







031 568 –2092




At a KUB meeting on 7th November, Wade Holland reported on his many interactions with eThekwini Municipality, Moreland and DSW about the beautiful entrance into Umdloti, running through the Sweetwaters River Valley from the M4, along Main Road to the traffic circle. All parties are eager to co-operate in the protection of the mature wetlands system created by the Sweetwaters River and create a permanent safe pedestrian walk way through it from the M4 to the Umdloti Centre.


There is a plan for short term implementation, to be followed by a more extensive plan which would include a taxi rank, craft village and safety lighting. Wade showed the meeting a map of the planned walkway which we will post here once we receive an electronic copy from him.


Andrew Davidson and Wade Hollland share an accolade for their work on this project which is recorded on the “Brickbats and Bouquets” page of this website.




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