Umdloti - Climate and Geography


Umdloti’s climate is best described as “never ending summer” – it enjoys a sub-tropical climate influenced by the warm Mozambique current and this makes it a popular seaside resort all year round.  Umdloti is completely frost-free.  Daytime you can expect summer temperatures in the late twenties to early thirties and winter temperatures in the mid twenties. February is regarded as the hottest month (because of the humidity). Umdloti is predominantly a summer rainfall area although it can rain at any time of the year.


From a weather point of view, the locals rate April/May as the best months with great surf too. Ironically, this is also the quietest time of the year!


For the more technical:

Mean annual rainfall is about 1000mm with around 500mm falling in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb.

Mean annual air temperature is 20.3oC with Feb running in at 23.7oC and July bottoming out at 16.5oC.

Mean annual relative humidity is 78% with values from 57% to 95% being recorded.

Prevailing wind is northwesterly with the strongest winds coming from the southwest. The windiest month is September.





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