Umdloti Community Police Forum


Tip-Off Line: 031 568 2422

Police Patrol Vehicle: 074 107 6702

Detective Captain Msomi: 082 683 8685

Link to: Durban North/Umhlanga Community Police Forum


Open Meetings (all welcome)

Once every two months. Next meeting is Tuesday 10th November 2009 at 17h30 (5.30pm) in the Sibaya Casino Complex


Elected Sub-Committee

Sandie Piek (chair), Bruce Stephenson, Don Cockerell, Jos Jackson, Julie Hallows and Rob Thorn. Also, Don Smith attends in his capcity as chair of the Umdloti Beach Residents and Ratepayers' Association as does Geoff Pullan in his capacity as the Democratic Alliance (DA) proportional representative councillor.


Umdloti now Even Safer.

Umdloti has never had a serious crime problem despite what its detractors and some grumpy old residents may say. The fact is that Umdloti is a safe and secure holiday destination under the watchful eye of ADT Security patrols and it has now become even safer with the formation of the Umdloti Community Policing Forum and introduction of a dedicated S.A. Police patrol as well. Community Policing Fora (CPF) are part of National Governments’ initiative to reduce crime levels across the country in the build up to the 2010 World Cup (by the way construction has started on a stunning new stadium in nearby Durban that will host one of the semi-finals!). It is ironic that Umdloti needs a CPF the least and yet gets one first – just showing how on the ball local residents are (well done Sandie, Lynne, Bruce and Don)


Helping the Community Policing Forum

Dear Julie,

As you are aware, we now have our own Police van patrolling Umdloti 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


This has been due to a prompt reaction to the statement made by the police station superintendent of Durban North Snr. Supt. Gonya who promised the van if a sub-forum was set up as soon as possible.


4 of us (Lynne Temlett, Sandie Piek, Bruce Stephenson and Don Cockerel) have set up the sub-forum and have managed to raise some funds for a computer, "OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT" awards, a land line to be used as a 'tip off' line, rental for that line, a cell phone so we are able to be in instant contact with the police in our area, meals and refreshments so the police members do not go out of Umdloti to get food, a fax machine, community boards so notices can be put up for all to see what is happening in Umdloti security wise. etc.


Please, Julie could you put out a request on your website to all residents who wish to contribute to this to please make contact with me (Sandie Piek), on 031 568 1293 or 082 413 13 51 and I will collect their contribution from them. All contributions are welcome. We have had from R100 resident, to R700 business contributions.


Thanks, Sandie Piek (Nostalgia Self Catering Accommodation)


Community Policing Forum Comes to Life!

Emma Robb writes:
History was truly made on Tuesday 12th June at 6pm when charismatic Senior Superintendent Thulani Gonya from the Durban North SA Police stood up and said: ‘From now on we are all going to prevent a crime before it takes place!’ The 30 odd residents present looked on as if they were at the wrong meeting! The presence of Richard Siedle, Don Smith, Terry Hough, Geoff Pullen to mention a few names somehow made it believable.
Well it is true. We are all at the brink of a new even safer life in Umdloti.
The Community Policing Forum truly came to life!
The catch is simple: the residents of Umdloti from now on will have the opportunity to telephone and anonymously report a potential crime and all hour action will be taken by our own dedicated Detective Captain Msomi and Superintendent Moodley of Crime Prevention! …. Unbelievable! Are we still alone 24/7 or what?  There will be close action between SAPS and the Security Companies and the vigilant Umdloti residents from now on. This is the most exciting simple solution to a safer Umdloti ever, and you are part of the solution.

The ever supporting, Metro Police of Sup Dieter Meyer, will still take care of the petty crimes like illegal fishing in the Tidal pool and parking problems. Once reported telephonically, all you have to do is obtain the case number the name of the person you are reporting to and then to telephone a short description detail to another cell number to ensure action is taken.

‘Information and feed back’ will be on everyone’s mind from now on and become part of everyday life.

Selected subcommittee to the CPF is Lynne Temlett, Sandie Piek, Bruce Stephenson and Don Cockerel.

A general meeting with SAPS including the Umdloti Tidal Pool Project Committee will be held at the Bush Tavern on Tuesday 19th June at 11am. This meeting will fine tune the procedure from then on and the important contact numbers given which will ensure the whole security system runs like a dream to the envy of all our coastal neighbours. Please attend this important historic meeting.


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The background to this story:

Dedicated Police Patrol for Umdloti

At the Durban North/Umhlanga Community Police Forum AGM, held on Wednesday May 23, 2007, Senior Superintendent Gonya said that he would provide a dedicated Police patrol to any of the areas that set up and had a “sub-forum” functioning. 


Being very conscious of the need to maintain Umdloti’s low crime record, our The Tidal Pool sub committee and our  CPF members formed a Sector 6 Forum and presented our credentials to Senior Superintendent Gonya last Friday.


He was surprised, to say the least, that we had been so proactive and formed our committee so quickly. He response was, “I can see that Umdloti is ready to be the first sector to have their own police patrol.” 


We are happy to inform the Village of Umdloti, that Senior Superintendent Gonya will launch our sector policing on Tuesday evening the 12th June, 2007 at the Umdloti Holiday Resort Conference Centre per Notice attached. 

Please all attend as this is a first for Durban North SAPS and Umdloti. 


We are also happy to inform you that our Village is really showing a huge interest in this project with many of our businesses already donating various things and services to ensure this project works: Bed Boys, White Sands Spar, Umdloti Pharmacy, Umdloti Letting and Umdloti Holiday Resort, to mention but a few.  We are sure that many more will want to join our cause. 


Hoping to see everyone on Tuesday 12th June at 18:00 for 18:30 at the Umdloti Holiday Resort Conference Centre


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