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My trip to the good ole U.S.A. was enjoyable and inspiring for many reasons - none more so than it was great to come back home to a land where we enjoy an incredible lifestyle. My brothers, friends who have been in the States now for 20-25 years cannot compare the lifestyle - Southern California has nothing on the East Coast of SA.  Warren van Zyl author and local chiropractic to Springbok and Sharks rugby players. 7th July 2007 (and he has just returned from a California summer back to our winter!!!).                     

The road closure issue needs to be put into its proper context. The route that the event happened on is the same route where Julie Fraser was killed. The event being held in her memory strove to make sure the route would be safe. Full road closure was offered to us by the authorities only a week before the event. We had little time to prepare the correct PR around this aspect and being contacted the day before the event by whilst we were full swing in our preparations, did not allow us the time or opportunity to better address their concerns. Nonetheless a 2008 will see better communications with organisations in the area, particularly when it effects road closure. Ian Feely

The (M4) road closure….is highly frustrating. My son had a blocked nose and I had to go all the way round to the N2 just to go to Umdloti to get some medication. From Sabash Govender

The Triathlon did not cause any problem to us. People must remember it brings trade in to Umdloti. Thanks, Val (Milkwood Chalets)

To Dieter Meyer of Durban Metro Police, Northern Region for approving full closure of the M4, thus cutting off La Mercy, without consulting local resident and religious organisations (e.g. La Mercy Ratepayers Association, Churches, Mosques, Temples etc) from Julie Hallows

To Pastor Paul Govender who said:

Let's try and organise a win, win situation for everyone concerned.

By this I mean the traffic authorities can let the bikers use half of the road while we can use the other half of the road. This is for the section between the La Mercy circle and the Umdloti turn off on the M4.

Then La Mercy is not cut off for people trying to go to church or work or an emergency like the pharmacy. Also family functions happen on a Sunday.

This road closure is irritating. There was not enough advance warning and it cost the residents money on toll and fuel cost. We need

these organisations to re-imburse us for toll fees and a donation to a charatible organisation for our fuel inconvenience. Alan Govender

Pastor Paul Govender, the M4 closure is totally not accepted because of the major inconvenience this is having on the residents of La Mercy. I take 3 vehicles of worshipers to our Church on Sundays. Because of this inconvenience we have to leave extremely early and still we have to pay toll fees for this mishap. The traffic authorities are also very rude and cannot understand our situation and when questioned they want to detain us for not listening to them. I do not have a problem with the bikers using the M4 but Please let's try and organise a win, win situation for everyone concerned.

To Durban Ultra Triathlon and Sibaya Casino for staging the inaugural and prestigious Sibaya Triathlon in Umdloti on Sunday. It was a great event dedicated to the late cyclist Julie Fraser who was tragically killed in an accident on the M4 Umdloti bridge recently.


To Belinda Jelf of Sun International and Sibaya Casino for taking up the concerns of locals inconvenienced by the road closures with the Triathlon organisers – see their response above. 

Blue Mango restaurant for continuing to display advertising boards all over Umdloti – particularly the latest ones that look like a construction site warning! Come on guys, it was good to see so many street pole ads along Main Road removed,  now take yours home too. One of them even points into the Tahiti Residential Complex! Tahiti owner

To Ken Caldwell who wrote: If we have to change names, I would like to suggest names that won't offend any political group/race, and have descriptive names as a coastal "tourist" destination and in keeping with our location. Suggestions: 

Main Rd. - Barracuda Rd.

North Beach Rd. - Tidal Pool Drive

South Beach Rd. - Rockcod Way or Seashore Drive

Bellamont Rd. -   Seaviews Road

First Ave. - Angelfish Ave.

Sixth Ave. - Reef Shark Ave.

North Beach – Dolphin or Whale Beach

South Beach  - Turtle or Reef Beach.


Well said Ken, lets change Main Road and the numbered Avenues (1st to 6th) into some of your suggestions.

Julie and Bob (your web hosts)

Grumpy at The Friendly Grocer for marking goods to 99cents (e.g.R9.99) and then refusing to accept 1 cent coins – they are still legal tender! When I offered one cent coins, I was treated like I was demanding all my shopping for free, or passing counterfeit R100 notes! From Melanie Arabsky Ledger

Richard Siedle chair of the Umdloti Ratepayers’ Association in his April newsletter. For confusing cyclone Demoina with the floods of 1987. Demoina was here in the 1983/4 summer. The 1987 floods were nothing to do with Demoina. Bob Graham

For Wade Holland, Chairman of Umdloti Coastal Conservancy for bad timing with his alarmist comments to the Sunday Tribune “Umdloti sitting on erosion time bomb” just when we need to be re-assuring potential Easter visitors that Umdloti is still a holiday destination of choice despite the recent equinox waves.

From Marcella of Palapa Place self catering accommodation. I was also very impressed with the swift movement of our local damage control people in the clean up operation after the massive equinox waves last week...bouquets deserved for Ethekwini Municipality.

Primates Africa has been trying to set up feeding stations for the monkeys to keep them away from residences. We have contacted a few people who are willing to participate, but we need someone to coordinate the whole affair. When development starts behind Umhloti and winter arrives, monkeys will become more of a nuisance if they are not managed in this way.

We need as much information about troop movements as we can get. So, if you are interested in helping us, by either telling us about the monkeys that visit you (when, where, how many, any distinguishing characteristic of monkeys) or assisting with the feeding stations, please phone out hotline number: 084 432 9974 between 8am and 5 pm. Mel Sammons 31 Jan 2007

Have you ever experienced the wrath of the visitors to the tidal pool area? To mention just ONE incidence: Last Friday night, once again, from 9pm right up to Sat 3:45am we sat up and listened to screaming voices in the tidal pool, thumping music and a dozen visitors sitting in comfy chairs on the side walk in the road drinking and chatting and laughing with not a care in the world! Out of desperation we telephoned the Metro Police three times during those hours but they informed us their one and only van was busy dealing with a gang war somewhere. I suppose that was more important but there is really no help anywhere is there? We are dreading weekends. Huge signage clearly stipulates NO BATHING AT NIGHT (never mind the fishing) but most people can’t read so it is truly a lost cause. And if one speaks up and ask drivers to park away from your driveway or not to leave massive ‘coils’ together with the usual streaks of pee, brandy bottles and rubble to die for,  I hear comments like: ‘The white bitch is being racist’. This really depresses me no end as we are all desperately keeping at/up our effort to make SA jovial, and carefree with personal responsibility and a commitment tag to it. It’s not too heavy going to pick up and take your trash to a trash or can is it? Or to walk a bit further to the ablution block is it? Do these visitors abuse their own pool, lawn and walkway in the same way that they feel they have a right to trash the beach and it’s surrounds in a similar fashion? Over December the Metro Police were absolutely on the job most days, and to us the behaviour of the crowds were acceptable and parking controlled, but all of a sudden weekends now have become worse than any previous holiday. Cars are being parked on both sides of the road all along the beach and to try and get to your home could take about 45 minutes to travel 1km, as this happened to us last Sunday mid morning. Surely not all visitors to our beach enjoy this behaviour? What can be done in future or am I a lone voice? Emma Robb, Loving Umdloti 30 Jan 2007

Bush Tavern for making inflation. Draft beer goes up R2-00 for half liter which is 18%. NOT GOOD BUSINESS. Thankyou Johan. 29 Jan 2007

Bottle Store for fighting inflation. SAB puts up beer prices 5%. His prices only up R2-00 for  case of korts (3%). Johan 29 Jan 2007

IGA Friendly Grocer. So much for the criteria to get your permit over December. This changed by the minute but most of the time people could just get a permit without any proof. And come on guys, 6 ND cars booked into one apartment!!!

I say change the control system/or venue for the issuing of the permits as this isn't working. Lauren T 29 January 2007

A big thank you to the SAP and Metro staff who patiently handled the traffic circle under sometimes trying and difficult circumstances during December. We appreciate all the long hours and the time put in.

Lauren T 29 Jan 2007

Thanks, Julie, for the opportunity to air our views.

The path down the main road, from the top shops to the beach, this is disgusting, and one ends up walking in the road, which is very dangerous.


The bush in front of Perna Perna is quite thick and people use it as a toilet, as well as a dustbin with rubbish dumped in it. It stinks and it is overgrown making the steps down to the beach difficult.


Being a holiday destination, people walk around without shoes and the grass is full of thorns, perhaps these could be removed.


And lastly what is the chances of showers be put up on the beach between the tidal pool and the shops

Glenn Tippett Once again the beach was spotless, as well as the surrounding areas.

The Metro Police once again fantastic, and one can only take  your hat off, to them for all the nonsense that they have to put up with. Perhaps the cars should be stopped at the top of the road, and not permitted  to drive down to the circle. 25 Jan 2007

For Julie from Glenn TippettThanks for the great idea where we as owners can comment.


Some comments for future improvement are on the left.


25 Jan 2007

The bloody idiots who turn the great outdoors into a nightclub in the parking lot in front of Tobago & Lazy Lizard. At midnight or 7am (to be honest, it’s annoying at any time) – who wants to have their windows shaken by thumping bass at noon, anyway?  I am currently 8 months pregnant, and it’s hard enough to sleep as it is. Even this past weekend was a nightmare – the music didn’t stop till 1:40 am on Friday, and Saturday I have no idea as I managed to fall asleep with it still on. God help us all when the baby is born, and pavement partiers wake her with their obnoxious behaviour – I take no responsibility for my actions when I go down to tear a strip off of the offenders.  You would think that people come to the seaside to enjoy the SEASIDE. No, apparently its just an empty space suitable for braaiing, drinking, loud music and loutish behaviour.

From Melanie Arabsky Ledger to the police managing the traffic. Now if they could just stick around to help with the my brickbat….(look left)


25 Jan 2007

From Melanie Arabsky Ledger to the new management of the Blue Mango – a nice change of menu, with interesting & unique options, friendly and frank serving staff. Good luck into the future!

Thought you might enjoy this story about organising a party - definitely deserves a bouquet for Blue Mango and brickbat for Bobby at the Portuguese restaurant. Jacci Murison

I recently approached Mira Mar with regard to his spot being a venue for a local 40th birthday party. We thought this a splendid venue as well as an opportunity for Bobby to make good money with a cash bar and get his restaurant some positive PR. When we first approached him he was enthusiastic and had good ideas. He promised to call our events co-ordinator 3 days later to give prices etc. This he failed to do so she chased him up.  Now the tables have turned and he wants to charge R1000, a massive additional charge for the venue which when we first discussed was free and so on and so forth. So tough luck Bobby! from Jacci


We contacted the new owner of the Blue Mango and is that guy switched on. We emailed through our info and then met with him the next day to discuss and finalise. It took us less than an hour and the Blue Mango really appreciated us approaching them as they realise they need to get the locals interested again.   


No charge for the venue, they will organise bar staff, lighting, music, tables etc. - nothing is too much trouble. So well done to the Blue Mango for being up to the challenge! 

From Jacci

To Bob and Julie, who received this e-mail: “We have read your personal crit of the Bush on your page. We find it insulting and derogatory. Please remove all mention of us from your site. The Connors.”

– seems not everybody likes us!!! 10/11/06


Andrew Davidson (eThekweni Municipality) and Wade Holland (Umdloti Conservancy)

For their plan to create a safe pedestrian walk-way through the wetlands system of the Sweetwaters River Valley from the M4 to the traffic circle. Click here for details 7/11/06


Mike, Jeff and Senza, our favourite bar staff at the Bush Tavern, for pro-active, friendly and helpful service to patrons – you really make us locals feel at home!

From Bob and Julie 31/10/06


From the guest book of one of our sponsors "Accommodation very nice and homely. Must mention that the local restaurants and shops are ripping off the tourists with high prices. Spar shop selling 2yrs past sell by date just not on."

“I really was put out that he wrote this in my 'Guest Book' even though he was a visitor from Gauteng. Could someone possibly mention this to Ann-Marie.”


I will forward it to her, Julie 18/10/06

For Nelio at Umdloti Kwikspar who replied. “The customer was reading the production date and not the expired date. I do acknowledge that at times the staff and management do make the unfortunate mistake of failing to properly find short dated or expired stock. We take these matters seriously and do daily and weekly checks but unfortunately mistakes can happen. We apologise to you and the complainant for the unfortunate incidents.”


Thanks Nelio, for your positive response!








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