Seaside Liquors

The best liquor store, bottle store and off-sales in Umdloti
with better prices than any of the top liquor stores in South Africa


We absolutely have to be the best liquor store in the Zulu Kingdom!.....just check our prices!!!


6-pack..... ONLY R25,95!
24-pack.. ONLY R96,00!

....and this is no flash in the pan special - prices are GUARANTEED FOR A YEAR! (Feb 2008 to end January 2009)
For for some more Great Deals, try this:

CASTLE, HANSA, BLACK LABEL glass "dumpie" no-return bottles:
6-pack.... ONLY R28,95!
24-pack.. ONLY R101,95!

CASTLE, HANSA, BLACK LABEL 750ml glass "quart" returnable bottles:
12 bottle case ONLY R79,95!, returning your own bottles and case.

VODKA and CANE 750ml glass bottles:
at an incredible price of ONLY R37,95!

You are assured of personal service in this relatively small but well stocked store which is privately and proudly owned and run by locals. Let them help you with details of beer prices, specials and promotions, the vintage fine wine cellar plus the wide selection of spirits, ports, shooters and coolers available at Seaside Liquors liquor store in Umdloti.

Seaside Liquors or “The Umdloti Bottle Store” as it is affectionately known, is situated next to the filling station by the traffic circle. (note the temperature in the photo!!!)


Tel 031 568 1078
1 South Beach Road, Umdloti Beach.
(on the circle between Total Garage and Umdloti Holiday Resort).